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      Our company has Sucessfully Attended " 2013 The International Bakery Exhibition" in  ShangHai, China.

      Sincere congratulations on the Strategic Cooperation with Shan Dong Shengqi Biology Co., Ltd

      Sincere congratulations to Our Great Partner, Master Lu Foodstuff Company in Henan on the great sales performance of moon cake

      Sincere congratulations to Our Great Partner, Qiyue Foodstuff Company in Hunan on the great sales performance of pie stuffing ingredient

      Sincere congratulations to Our Great Partner, Hongli Foodstuff Company in Nanning for becoming the biggest dealer in Guangxi market

      Sincere congratulations to Our Manager, Mr. Chen Ning for becoming the member of National Bakery Standardized Technology Committee.   


      Hainan Wenchang Diyang Foodstuff Co., Ltd was found in 1988 and located in Dongjiao town ,Wenchang city which has been famous and known as the “ hometown of coconut” in Hainan international tourism island. Dong jiao town is surrounded by sea, being abundant in coconut supplement, sharing the most fascinating natural scenery and convenient transportation by both land and  water.   

      The scale of Diyang production base has kept continuously expanding over the past few decades and now we have already built up our own contemporary factory with a pleasant environment, which covers 4000 square meters area and is equipped with the automatic production line & quantitative packing machines. Keeping” Sanitary Safety First” as our eternal Mission, , the whole process of our production operation has been under the strict rules of National Food Safety Standard.

      Diyang has manufactured all kinds of high quality coconut foodstuffs such as, Desiccated coconut, Shredded coconut, Coconut juice, Coconut Milk etc. with the help of our advanced & excellent production equipments and strong technical strength. All our products sell quickly and well in the domestic market!

      Nowadays, Diyang is fully ready to enter the oversea market with our almost 27 years’ experience. Our factory not just imports the coconuts and desiccated coconut foodstuff from southeastern Asian countries in bulk but also set up our own processing factory there. Diyang produces the most tasty and high- class coconut products with our rich experience and skills in coconut production and has already obtained the great reputation among our clients!

      Diyang foodstuff is an honored enterprise with about twenty years’ history.                       

      "FU DAO”/《富島》 &     “ YE LV” /《椰綠》 have been two new brands under Diyang Foodstuff company. Diyang selling network has covered all over China and all Diyang people will be so passionate and persevering in our goal to provide all clients around the world with the safe, natural, healthy, nourishing and high quality coconut foodstuff!


      We are ready to build up a bright future with customers from all over the world

                  Come on my dear friends, warmly welcome to Join in Us!

      High fat desiccated coconut
      Coconut milk
      Canned sliced pineapple in light syrup
      Coconut juice
      Shredded coconut
      Desiccated coconut

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